Ball & Stick Molecular Visualization App for iPhone, iPad & iPod by MolySym

MolySym has developed the highest quality molecular visualization app for iPhone, iPad or iPod on the market. This app will benefit all people interested in molecular modeling, structural biology, biochemistry, and computer-aided drug design. Applications range from classroom learning to scientific research. Educators and industrial modelers are already calling Ball & Stick the best molecular visualization app on the market. Our second and latest release, Ball & Stick v1.5, contains these key features:

Ball and Stick Molecular Visualization iPad App by MolySym

New Features in v1.5!

  • Added support for iPhone and iPod Touch.
  • Added support for remote collaboration allowing two or more users to interact with the same molecule in real time.
  • Added support for rotation about the Z-axis with twist gesture.
  • Added support for reordering of molecules.
  • Added support for viewing full molecule titles before downloading.
  • Added support for searching local molecules and unified with PDB search.
  • Added support for saving screen captures to the photos library.
  • Added support for external displays (e.g. monitors and projectors).
  • Added support for iTunes syncing and file transfer.
  • Added support for importing and displaying PDB files from other iOS applications.
  • Resolved issue with incorrectly computed ribbon.
  • Settings are now rendered immediately after changes are made.
  • Status bar is now transparent allowing for a more full-screen interface.
  • Rotation now moves around the center of the screen rather than the center of the molecule.
  • Updated molecule toolbar icon.

New Screenshots of v1.5

Full feature set from v1.0

  • High-quality graphics (Gallery Below)
  • Visualization of proteins, DNA, RNA, ligands, cofactors, ions, and water
  • Fast, lightweight viewer is ideal for meetings, conferences, and travel
  • 3D molecular visualization with rotation, translation, and zooming
  • Optimized performance; smooth rotation even with the largest structures in the PDB
  • High-resolution png images with transparent background can be sent directly from app
  • Multiple representations (wireframe, stick, space filling, and of course, ball & stick)
  • Independent representation control over different objects (protein, ligand, water, and ions)
  • Toggle to show/hide ribbons for the protein
  • Support for single entry PDB files (molecular dynamics support coming)
  • Easy control over residues to show around the ligand
  • Clear display of ligand with green carbon atoms
  • PDB keyword searching
  • Local storage of downloaded molecules
  • Can be shown on a projector or external monitor
  • Intuitive design following the Apple standards
  • Rated as best iPad molecular visualization application based on beta testing

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Ball & Stick iPhone, iPad & iPod App

MolySym is excited to announce its launch of the highest quality molecular visualization iPhone, iPad & iPod app on the market. This app will benefit all people interested in molecular modeling, structural biology, biochemistry, and computer-aided drug design.

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