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MyChemistry Educational Platform

MyChemistry App Showing Ethane Energy Diagram

Customizable, interactive lessons for chemistry education

Our MyChemistry demo showcases the mobile and interactive portion of our online educational platform.  The sample lessons use a powerful molecular visualizer to bring chemistry to life and illustrate complex spatial concepts.  The best part is, teachers will be able to edit these lessons or create their own, tailored to their students.  Contact us for more information or to gain access to the demo through your iPad.

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Ball & Stick – Available for Download Today!

Ball and Stick Molecular Visualization iPad App by MolySymThe best iPhone, iPad, & iPod app for high-quality molecular visualization

MolySym is excited to announce that Ball & Stick – a premium app for iPhone, iPad, or iPod Molecular Visualization – is now available for sale in the Apple App Store. This app will benefit all people interested in molecular modeling, structural biology, biochemistry, and computer-aided drug design.

Ball and Stick Molecular Visualization iPad App by MolySymFind out more today.


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